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This page is under construction. Perhaps you arrived here from a google search as it is not yet officially on the menu. Welcome nevertheless.
Why a singalong page on a travel journal? I enjoy singing and playing guitar. My travel guitar has accompanied me on all my travels. Many times it has helped pass the time when I’ve been tent bound for a day due to weather. My songs are all covers of old popular or country tunes. All of them are more than fifty years old. Will anyone be singing these tunes beyond my generation? I don’t think so and my peers agree.
I enjoy volunteer entertaining at seniors care homes and I know that my tunes are appreciated by that audience. I especially like it when there are some able to singalong. Might these tunes have singalong appeal to a younger audience of wannabe singers or guitar players? I believe that they all have a nice melody, that’s why I chose them. They all pass the whistle test – if you can’t whistle it, it’s not music. I have the time right now to get this started. Call it hobby time. If these pages don’t get used by a wider audience I know of family and friends who will appreciate my effort. So I liken these to putting my ‘notes’ in a bottle and tossing them into the ocean of cyberspace. Perhaps they’ll find new life on a fertile shore somewhere.
My playing and singing is as basic as it comes. My guitar playing has evolved to accompany my singing. Consider my rendition to be the tune sampler. The shopping cart link to the right of the title will open my choice of a youtube version of the tune by the artist named in the title bar. The playlist also provides a lyric pop-up. A column to the right of the playlist box will (eventually) provide both lyrics and chords in a printable pdf format in the same key as my effort. The youtube artists key will show in brackets following their name. Tunes with the title in lower case I will be redoing. Ones that don’t show the shopping cart are lyrics only for now. See the Playlist Use Info below for more how-to re the links.

Playlist Use Info

Clicking the track title plays my rendition. The shopping cart icon opens a youtube version (in a separate tab) by the artist shown in the title. The ‘lines’ icon to the right of the cart pops up a lyrics tab. The closed figure eight icon repeats the track – except in the top icon bar it doesn’t seem to work. In that same bar the crossed arrows are the shuffle icon. The musical note icon on the far right highlights the selected track and temporarily eliminates the other tracks as in the image below.

I am not able to add links to the text below the track title. If there is a need for a link in the text it will be done in a matter similar to a book reference using (*1, *2, etc). I am able to add linked buttons to the bottom of the playlist and clicking the appropriated button will open the desired link.