This map of Canada shows the routes traveled to date.  Yellow for canoed routes, black for bicycled towing the canoe, blue touring with the bike only, and red for hiked.  Green is motorized travel and includes passage on the ‘Uchuck’, a coastal freighter, and travel on the B.C. and Alaska ferry systems.  I returned from Alaska on the ferry to Prince Rupert and then took the train from Terrace to Dunster to resume my travels east.  That train travel isn’t shown on the map.

This New Zealand map shows my three month travels from mid December 2014 to mid March 2015.  I came to NZ to hike the Te Araroa, a 3000 km trail that runs the length of the country. However this wasn’t my first trip here.  In 1974 I cycled 3500 miles around New Zealand and in memory of that trip I wanted to add some cycling to this trip.  I flew to Christchurch where I purchased a used bicycle and cycled a thousand kilometres (the black route) before hiking on Stewart Island and the South Island.  Aside from getting me to Bluff, there was an even more practical purpose to the cycle route.  I used the bike to access the Te Araroa in five places, where I left food caches.  In three places I wrapped my stash in plastic and buried it in the ground.  Leaving the caches avoided the necessity of hitch-hiking to resupply.

I had no intention of doing any long distance hikes when I began my journey in the spring of 2013.  In mid October 2013, with the canoe stowed for the winter, and having very favourable weather, I more or less on a whim, decided to walk to Castlegar following the rail trails were possible.  The success of that journey had me making it a hike across all of British Columbia in the fall of 2014 and that led to me ‘buying another summer’ and choosing to winter in New Zealand.