Nomader What

Mile zero day one, May 21st 2013.  I have too much weight for the canoe cart.   I had reinforced the aluminum axle but it still wasn’t strong enough. To lighten the load  on the axle I have a pack on my back and packs on the bike. I also know the weight is too much for me to be able to either ride or push the bike up the steep hills.   I don’t have solutions at this point but I’ve been long enough preparing and it’s time to get rolling.   Much to learn and not at all sure that everything I’ve put together is going to work as planned.   I did have a goal though – to make it to Inuvik, a hundred miles from the Arctic Ocean near the mouth of the Mackenzie River – and that was achieved on September 20th, 2014.   Cross Canada yet to do.

Nomader, you say you’ve sold your house and you’ve rid yourself
of all your homely possessions. Where will you live?

… it’s no matter?

But Nomader you have more than two hundred and fifty pounds to lug around and no vehicle.

… it’s no matter.

And Nomader you pretty much eat the same thing everyday and are never certain where you’ll sleep.

… it’s no matter.

Well Nomader what is it that drives you?
What’s in head that thinks that’s a desirable way to live?

… perhaps some would say it’s … no, matter?


Welcome to my travel journal / blog.  It will be more journal than blog though, as I’ll keep it simple using pictures and comments. My plan is to spend two to three years exploring Canada, enjoying a nomadic life style, after which I’ll head to South America with the intention of staying put somewhere there.

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